Photo of a Skype conference in Bartley Hall between Villanova and Palestine.

Skype is a free service that allows for two way video calling across the country and around the world from Windows based PCs, Macs and various mobile devices and OSs such as the iPhone, iPad, Adroid and Symbian.Skype can be used for meetings, interviews and in class.

For more inforamtion on using Skype in the classroom please contact Jennifer Pohlhaus.

Additional Resources

Event Recording

Media Services can record events on campus for use in class, in Blackboard, ItunesU, YouTube or delivered via MediaSite.  If you would like your event or class recorded please complete our "Request for Media Recording" form.

Record Lectures From Your Desktop

MyMediasite allows you to quickly and easily record and distribute a video or lecture from your laptop or even your iPhone! Read more about it here or contact at 610-519-3266, CIT at 9-5777, or your college's representative in Instructional Technologies.