Digital Media Over Internet2

You can watch high quality video or get multicast radio stations on campus over Internet2. The Internet2 DVGuide, provides schedules and links to resources for video and other media over Internet2.

Channels like the Research Channel provide high quality high bandwidth video available only over Internet2.

To view these streams you will need the Video Lan Player (VLC) available at

To view the MPEG-2 Multicast of the Research Channel with VLC (VideoLAN Player)


Launch the client and then:

  1. Choose File > Open Network Stream
  2. Select UDP/RTP Multicast
  3. For "Address" enter
  4. For the "Port" enter 1234
  5. Select OK

Note: The MPEG-2 Multicast requires a minimum connection of 3.5 mbps in order to work properly.

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Our Local Connection

Villanova connects to Internet2 through MAGPI a regional provider of Internet2. MAGPI also provides Internet2 access to Lehigh University, Princeton University, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Chester County Intermediate Unit.

For more information about MAGPI please visit their site.