Telephone Features

There are several features available on the Avaya phone system that will improve employee productivity and make you easier to be reached. :

  • Call Me enables your voice mailbox to call you at designated telephone numbers when you receive messages that meet certain criteria. When you receive a Call Me call, the system invites you to log on to your mailbox in order to review the message.
  • Dial By Voice eliminates the need to look up phone numbers in the on-line directory by letting the user simply speak the name of the person he or she wishes to call.
  • Find Me enables your mailbox to redirect unanswered calls to a list of telephone numbers. Your mailbox directs the calls in turn to each telephone number in the list, unless you answer. If you do not answer at any number in the list, the system asks the caller if the caller wants to leave a message.
  • Meet Me Conferencing allows you to improve collaboration by easily setting up conference calls. Participants dial into a pre-established number for conference calls at a specified time and the service connects all callers together, reducing the need for third party conferencing services.
  • Notify Me notifies you when callers leave messages in your mailbox. This notification message includes information that you can specify, such as the caller telephone number, caller name, message priority, and time, date, and length of the message.

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