Mobile FAQ

What is the procedure for obtaining a mobile device at Villanova University?

First you would need to gain approval from your manager or supervisor and then fill out a mobile request form.  Your interest is then sent to the Mobile Device team, who will then assess your needs and determine which device is suitable for you.  A helpdesk ticket is then created and a member of the Telecommunications group will order and activate your device.  A member of the mobile device team will schedule an appointment with you to set up your new mobile device.

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Is there anything I need to do beforehand with my old cell phone to prepare for the installation of my mobile device?

Make sure your old cell phone is on hand and operational when your smartphone installation is scheduled. This includes having a charged battery, and all the original accessories and documentation that came with it. Also, if you're going to use the SIM card from your old cell phone in your new smartphone, you must make sure you've copied or saved all your contacts to it.

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If I am having an issue with my Villanova devices, who should I contact?

You can contact the Help Desk at 9-7777 or by email at

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Blackberry FAQ's

iPhone FAQ's

What's comes standard "in the box" with my new iPhone?

The iPhone comes with a SIM card, A/C charger, one USB sync cables, headset with hands-free capabilities, and carrying case. A D/C charger is also provided to be used in the car. Quick start guides are also included.

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Where can I buy other iPhone accessories like a case, cradle kit, an extra stylus or two, or Bluetooth headset?

Click here to be redirected to Apple Store for iPhone accessories.

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I'm looking to buy a Bluetooth headset for my iPhone, any recommendations?

There are many Blackberry-compatible Bluetooth headsets available today; some popular manufacturers include Jabra and Plantronics. Click here to see which Bluetooth headsets are available for your iPhone.

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Where can I go outside of the Getting Started Guide booklets for information on how to use my new iPhone?

Click here to be directed to the Apple website for popular tips and tricks on how to personalize and manage your device.

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Network Connectivity Form

If you are currently experiencing network connection issues, please fill out and submit this form so that we can help troubleshoot this issue.

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University Discount

The university has partnered with AT&T Wireless to provide Villanova students cutting-edge wireless devices and services, as well as an array of discounted calling plans to meet students’ needs.

Faculty, staff and alumni also qualify for the discounted calling plans and should visit the AT&T web site above.