Microsoft at Home FAQs

Do I have to pay for the copy of Office?:

Yes, this program offers Office at a discounted price to the employees of Villanova University.  The link to the Home Use Program will guide you through the process of your order, which will include a payment screen.  The payment transaction is between the employee & Microsoft. 

Can I purchase more than one copy of the same product?:

Only 1 copy may be purchased, if you tried to purchase additional copies of the same product, you would receive an error message and would not be able to proceed.

How many machines can I install software on?:

You may install and use a copy of the software on one personal computer or other device located within your home.

Do I own this license?:

No, the opportunity to participate in the Home Use Program is due to the fact that you are a Villanova Employee and that Villanova participates in volume licensing & software assurance.  If either of these 2 factors change; you are no longer an employee at Villanova or Villanova changes the agreement with Microsoft; you are required to uninstall the software from the computer or device on which you installed it and destroy all copies of the software and all of its component parts.