Technical Standards & Procedures

This procedure manual / document has been prepared in order to improve the quality of performance of EWS and insure strict adherence to a set of standards for daily operations. The document delineates relevant background information and a description of procedures used by EWS. When necessary an intended audience is identified.

Key personnel that will have a primary role in each procedure are listed along with their responsibilities as it relates strictly to this process. Information needed before proceeding with a process are given, followed by a step-by-step outline of the methods used in order to complete the tasks.

Programming SOP

  • SOP for PLSQL
  • SOP for PROC
  • SOP for SQR

Other SOP

  • SOP for Documentation of code
  • SOP for End User Sign-off
  • Naming Convention

How - To

  • Samba
  • WebUtil
  • Email with Attachments

Project Management

  • Scope
  • Fact Sheet
  • Priority Sheet