PIDM Resolution

PIDM (Personal Identification Number) is a unique identifier assigned to a person stored on Banner, whether it’s a student or employee. This PIDM ties all the information related to that person together. It is used as a key to pull the information up when needed. To ensure data integrity, only one set of record should be stored for each person or entity.

When the information coming into Banner is not properly verified, duplicate PIDMS get created. Under duplicate PIDMS, information cannot be maintained and retrieved correctly.

Resolving the Problem of PIDMs

In order to resolve this problem, we have a process set up to identify and consolidate the duplicate data.

  • Duplicate PIDM reporting. Duplicate PIDMs can be discovered or identified by anyone who handles data processing on Banner when data conflict for a person’s record is encountered. With the current process, the problem should be reported ASAP to either Enrollment or the EWS group in UNIT via a service request. Currently, a web form is being developed to allow reporting of the problem online (under construction).
  • To consolidate the problem data, the good PIDM needs to be identified so that the data under a separate PIDM can be moved under the good PIDM and redundant data can be purged. You will need to research and determine which PIDM to keep.
  • Once the good PIDM is determined, the Enrollment Management and EWS will work to clean up the data. Due to the complexity of unique nature of the data, duplicate PIDM has to be resolved on an individual basis in most of the cases, though we are looking into possibility of automating the process as much as possible..