Banner is a fully integrated software solution developed by Sungard Higher Education (Sungard HE), and is used by the University to manage it's business operations. The Banner system is organized in different modules that manage student services, faculty advising services, accounts receivable, financial aid, alumni/advancement, finance budgeting, human resources.

In addition there are a number of modules/forms (such as Finance, Parking, Career Services, Judicial Affairs Campus Ministry, Student Professional Development) built by VU Unit -EWS that provide more specific functionality to the existing modules. In addition, Banner includes self-service modules organized under Novasis that provide flexible and convenient personal and business functionality to students, faculty and staff.

How to login to Banner

Banner is a Web based application that can be accessed through web links provided by UIS and is used by the Faculty/Staff for day-to-day business. A Banner account is needed to access the system.

UIS group is responsible to create Banner accounts and provide DBA services. EWS group is responsible to provide banner developing and troubleshooting services. A help desk ticket shall be created by the user in case any of these services is needed.

Banner Training

Banner training is part of a wide variety of one- and two-hour computer training sessions to help Villanova University employees to advance the knowledge of the banner applications that they going to use on a daily basis. It is organized under the supervision of EWS.

Which Browser To Use?

Banner works fine in both Netscape and Internet Explorer. While IE is more preferred, Netscape may be used if it's an up-to-date version.

Documentation Library

The documentation library provides you with documentation for Banner usage, and allows you to view release notes by using Acrobat Reader software, which can be downloaded if you don't have it.

This documentation is proprietary information of Systems & Computer Technology (SCT) Corporation and is not to be copied, reproduced, lent or disposed or, nor used for any purpose other than that for which it is specifically provided without the written permission of SCT.