Personal Homepage

All students and employees of Villanova University receive a University approved personal website. Once a student pays the initial acceptance deposit, he/she receives a sealed letter with VU ID and password information for email and web accounts, This letter includes additional account information., Employees, once they have been hired, receive a sealed letter containing VU ID and password information.

User Personal Sites

All students and employees of Villanova University receive a University approved personal website. The website url format is: where first and last name match the users email. In a few cases a middle initial is included.  Site owners log in using their VU ID and password to edit the site.

FrontPage is No Longer Used
FrontPage is no longer a supported software. We are recommending the use of Microsoft Expression Web, which is the sucessor to the FrontPage software.

Expression Web logo

To streamline maintenance and troubleshooting efforts, we have installed the Expression Web software on vDesktop and CitrixWeb. These areas allow you to edit your site remotely and 'on-the-go', and to not be tied down using one computer. You will be able to log in and use the software by using the instructions attached below.

You have the option to download Expression Web to your desktop. However, we are supporting the usage of the software on the vDesktop or CitrixWeb environments so that each user has consistent experiences, and can work with the software regardless of the type of computer or operating system being used.

Please Note: UNIT support and assistance only includes connecting to your website using the software as described. more.

Cyber Duck logo

If you have a different site editing software preference, and that software does not have WebDAV integration, we recommend that you use the WebDAV client, CyberDuck as an FTP-type client to connect to WebDAV. CyberDuck will also be found on the vDesktop within the Academic Apps folder.

Also, for more information please review our personal web site policy. more.

Common Questions or Issues

Please see our list of common questions on the Troubleshooting Issues page.

Information for Personal Homepages

* ExpressionWeb_Instructions.docx
Download the instructions below to connect to your site through Expression Web.