Spam Reduction

UNIT is committed to reducing Spam by using multiple levels, or layers, of filtering solutions. These levels interact by assigning each incoming email message a Spam probability score or “Spam score” of 0-100%. The higher the Spam score, the more likely the message is Spam.

Spam Quarantining with Pure Message

What is PureMessage?

It is a mail filtering program that scans all email sent to your VU email addresses.

Suspected messages with a  Spam score of  (60-98%), are directed to a separate quarantine server. The Spam quarantining process will notify you if you have messages that are routed to the quarantine server. A single daily email, called a “daily digest,” is sent to you, listing each suspected message and its Spam probability.

  • Using your daily digest, you will have the ability to inspect what email messages have been quarantined for you, and control what or what not gets delivered, and also see if you have any “false positives,” legitimate messages scored as Spam.

  • Options available to you include delivering any Spam messages you may want to keep to your Outlook Inbox folder, blocking or approving senders, or taking no action, where, after 14 days, Spam messages expire from the quarantine server. 




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