Web Policy

The University's Web site represents Villanova University to prospective students, alumni, the general public and the on campus community. To that end its content and appearance should adhere to professional standards. UNIT assists the individual colleges and departments on the creation, development and maintenance of the sites. A University template is provided to provide common look and feel and common navigation throughout Villanova University's site.

Dynamic information (course enrollment, tuition, directory information, etc.) should be retrieved from the institution's operational data base or data warehouse. When time sensitive data is published, the time frame should be stated for which the data applies.

Personal Website Policy

Personal websites are provided for each Faculty, Staff and Student member of the Villanova University Community. Procedures for developing home pages are available and workshops are offered by UNIT to assist in developing personal web pages. The footer of each page should display the eMail address of the person responsible for the page content and the date when the information was last updated. Authors are solely responsible for the content of individual home pages.

These personal sites on the University web server are not to be used for mp3, avi, videos, or wav file storage unless deemed necessary for course project requirements. However, if the content or appearance violate the policy on Ethical Conduct for Use of Computing and Communication Resources, the student code of conduct or any other University policy, the University reserves the right to remove the user's personal site from the server, discontinue the person's account and take such other action as may be necessary in its discretion.

Personal Websites Details

  • Quota - 100MG
  • Do not store mp3, avi, videos, or wav file storage unless deemed necessary for course project requirements.

Copyright Infringement

The Office for University Information Technologies is the agent designated under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, P.L. 105-304, to respond to reports alleging copyright infringements on Villanova University's Web site.

The digital Millennium Copyright Act specifies that all infringement claims must be in writing, either on paper or by electronic mail.