University IT Policies

University Information Technologies (UNIT) maintains the policies governing the use of University computing and IT communication resources. In accordance and compliance with recommendations from governing bodies, such as ECAR, Educause, Gartner, and CEB, UNIT will create and update all of the University IT Security Policies.  Each policy will reviewed and approved by the University Committee for Information Technologies (UCIT) and will be reviewed with General Counsel and the Office of Compliance.  The policies will be published on the UNIT website.  The IT Policy process will include an annual review of existing policies and a selection of those policies will be audited each year to verify compliance within the University.

Every member of the University community is bound by them and is expected to be thoroughly familiar with them. Violators of these policies will be subject to the full range of disciplinary sanctions, up to and including expulsion or termination.

In order to retain necessary flexibility in the administration of policies, the University reserves the right to interpret, revise, or delete any of the provisions of these policies, with or without notice, as the University deems appropriate in its discretion.