IT Governance

IT Governance represents the Villanova leadership and community in IT decision making. Its role is to ensure that investments in IT are aligned with the University strategy.  IT Governance is comprised of the following:

University Council on Information Technology (UCIT)

UCIT serves as the decision making body for major IT projects and policies.  UCIT evaluates, recommends and approves IT strategies, projects, and policies that support the educational processes, receives input from College IT committees, and advises Vice President of Academic Affairs on Instructional Technology.

UCIT will approve University-wide policies as they relate to the implementation and utilization of information technology resources and consult with Legal Counsel and the President's cabinet where necessary. The Council will formally review the strategic technological directions of the University and approve adjustments to directions as needed.

UCIT Members:

Stephen Fugale,     (Chair) Vice President & CIO                            

Stephen Andriole,   Professor, Villanova School of Business

Catherine Connor,   Assoc. Dean, Enrollment Management

Marita Frain,            Professor, College of Nursing

Gary Gabriele,         Dean, College of Engineering

Millicent Gaskell       Univ. Librarian, Dir Falvey Library

Neil Horgan,            Vice President Finance

Tim Hoffman,           Asst. Vice Provost, Finance/Administration

George Kolb,           Assoc. VP for Alumni Relations

Adele Lindenmeyr,   Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Stephen Merritt,       Dean, Enrollment Management

Alfonso Ortega,       Assoc. VP Research/Grad Programs

Rev. John Stack,      Vice President Student Life


Faculty Advisory Group:


Provide feedback and input (Advice) to the University IT Committee on Strategies, policies, initiatives and major projects that support the academics and educational purposes.


Faculty Advisory Members:

Open                           (Chair)

Angela DiBenedetto       Associate Professor College of Arts & Sciences

Noah Barsky                  Associate Professor Villanova School of Business

Evan Radcliffe                Associate Professor College of Arts & Sciences

Mary Ann Cantrell           Professor, College of Nursing

Gabriele Bauer               Director, VITAL    

Matthew Morrissey         AVP, Technology Support Services

Joan Lesovitz                 AVP, Instructional Technology


University President's Cabinet

The President's Cabinet will review and comment on IT initiatives and polices that affect the university community.

Administrative Budget Committee (ABC)

The ABC will review and approve IT initiatives that require additional funding.

Benchmark/Competitive Assessment

UNIT provides meaningful comparisons of the University IT environment and services with select peer or aspiration institutions and aggregate groups



IT Governance Model