IT Governance

IT Governance represents the Villanova leadership and community in IT decision making. Its role is to ensure that investments in IT are aligned with the University strategy.  IT Governance is comprised of the following:


IT Governance Model

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UCIT (University Council on Information Technology)

UCIT serves as the decision making body for major IT projects and policies.  UCIT evaluates, recommends and approves IT strategies, projects, and policies that support the educational processes, receives input from College IT committees, and advises Vice President of Academic Affairs on Instructional Technology.

ADIT  (Administrative IT Committee)

ADIT represents the needs and requirements of the administrative community and provides feedback, input and advice to the University IT Committee (UCIT) on strategies, policies, initiatives and major projects that support the administrative IT needs at Villanova University.

The President's Cabinet 

The President's Cabinet will review and comment on IT initiatives and polices that affect the university community.

Administrative Budget Committee (ABC)

The ABC will review and approve IT initiatives that require additional funding.

Benchmark/Competitive Assessment

UNIT provides meaningful comparisons of the University IT environment and services with select peer or aspiration institutions and aggregate groups

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