UNIT Divisions

The various divisions within UNIT are at the cornerstone of its task to maintain the University-wide computing infrastructure for academic and administrative use:

Architecture, Security & Consulting

Architecture & Consulting provides guidance to the Villanova community in making technology selections to further the academic mission and business processes of the University.

Instructional Technologies

Instructional Technologies consists of Academic Support Services, Media Services, Training Services, and support for Villanova's public computing labs and academic software libraries, and it operates two specialized multimedia development labs.

Network & Communication Services

Network & Communications manages all data, voice, wireless, network security, and cable TV services; along with the Wildcard access infrastructure on campus. The goal of Network and Communications is to keep each user connected to phone, voice mail, and data service.

Enterprise Operations and Academic Computing

The Enterprise Operations team is responsible for managing overall IT day to day operations of the University’s storage and compute infrastructure with the goal of improving stability, performance, security and end user satisfaction. They provide oversight in planning and managing infrastructure architecture, production support, systems and database administration. They ensure UNIT’s enterprise systems performance and service levels are met.

Technology Support Services

Technology Support Services provides a wide variety of IT services and support to all areas of the campus community.  IT support and service offerings consists of phone support (ex.9777), on-call/deskside support, remote support, E-mail support (support@villanova.edu), Chat support, and  Self Service. Outages, maintenance and problems are communicated to the campus by TSS.

University Information Systems

University Information Systems develops and supports all University-wide administrative systems with implementation, maintenance, enhancement and support.

University Card Systems

University Card Systems provides the Villanova Community with the "Wildcard", allowing convenient, effective, and secure access to all card related services, universally accepted on campus and at selected off-campus sites.

Project Management Office

Project Management Office develops methodology, processes, tools, metrics and management information that will provide assurance that all aspects of technology initiatives at Villanova University are coordinated, supported and executed efficiently across the community.

Web Services & Technologies

Web Services & Technologies provides professional web and application design, development, hosting, web technology and much more to support Villanova University departmental and personal web needs.

Stephen Fugale
Vice President and
Chief Information Officer

Matt Morrissey
Assistant Vice President - Enterprise Technology Services

Joan Lesovitz
Assistant Vice President - Instructional Technologies

Gabe Monteleone
Asstistant Vice President - University Application and Information Systems

Patti Downey
Assistant Vice President - Office of the CIO
Project Management Ofc.
Business Operations

Dan McGee
Assistant Vice President - IT Strategic Planning

Kathy Gallagher
Director - University Card Systems

John Center
Director - Network & Communication Services

Clete Rickert
Director - University Information Systems

Jill Morrison
Director - Technology Support Services

Lucas Burke
Chief Information Security Officer