Terminal Services

Connect to Engineering Terminal Services

This process is an alternative to connecting a machine to VUAD. It will allow a user to access all the programs that might be required in engineering curriculum including: Matlab, Mathcad, Solidworks, Autocad, Google Earth, Google Chrome, and Abacus. Just show a user how to follow this process:

  • Open "Remote Desktop Connection"
  • Enter "ts.engineering.villanova.edu" as the computer name
  • Press "Connect"
  • Enter LDAP username as "VUAD\jsmith01" and password
  • Select "Yes"

Allow remote computer to log in. You are now connected to the server. You can run programs. You can minimize or restore the window to return to the innitial computer.

**Make sure to save all files to the engineering servers to access them between logins as well as on your origional computer.

** This will also work on a Mac, if the application "Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection for Mac" is installed. It is installed on the Villanova Issued Macs.