Gateway - VPN

About the Villanova Secure Gateway

The Villanova Secure Gateway is a service that provides University faculty and staff secure remote access to Villanova network resources from anywhere on the Internet. The service can be accessed by going to and logging in with your LDAP user name and password. 

How do I use

More detailed instructions can be found at Secure Gateway Instructions page. But the general steps are:

  • Connect to the Internet using your ISP
  • Log into using your LDAP username and password
  • Launch NetConnect from the website
  • Once connected using NetConnect an icon will appear in your systray (lower right of screen by clock)
  • Connect to any Villanova services from your PC just as you would on campus
  • To disconnect, simply click (or right click) the NetConnect icon in the systray and select End Session

What are bookmarks?

Depending on your department, your gateway start page may have custom bookmarks to websites or shared folders. These are simply links to those resources and allow you to access them without running NetConnect.

How do I add a Windows Folder Bookmark?

From the Gateway Start page, UNC path to the share in the Browse bar. (\\server\share\(subfolder-optional)). Select the folder you wish to Bookmark and click the "Bookmark Current Folder" icon.