Remote Access

The Villanova Secure Gateway (Instructions) is a service that provides University faculty and staff secure remote access to Villanova network resources from anywhere on the Internet.

Accessing the Gateway

To access the Virtual Private Network (VPN) from off campus, connect to the Internet through your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and use the Internet Explorer browser (Netscape won’t work):

  • Go to
  • At the login screen, enter your email username and password. Once authenticated, you will be presented with a start page.
  • Three sections appear on the start page: Web Bookmarks (for creating your own web favorite bookmarks), Files (for shared folders), and Client Application Sessions (for access to your VU applications).

Using the Gateway

Web Bookmarks

The Web Bookmarks section provides an area for you to add your own bookmarks.


The Files Section allows you to connect through the SSL gateway to University file shares. Shares may be pre-defined for your department, but bookmarks may also be created for your individual user id. In addition, you may create your own file share provided you know where the data exists and have access rights to it.

For easy access to a file under a pre-defined share, you can create a bookmark. You may navigate to the folder you wish to bookmark by clicking on your share and then any sub-folders and click the "Bookmark Current Folder" icon in the upper right corner.
You can also access and bookmark data that has not been pre-defined for your group. Instead of going to the File section, you will browse to the share and then mark the site as a bookmark.
a. In the Browse bar, type \\ and then press the Enter key. A list of workgroups and Domains appears.

b. Scroll down and click VUAD. A list of servers in VUAD appears.

c. Scroll the list and click to select the server you wish to access, e.g., ARTSCISTORE. A list of Shares on ARTSCISTORE appears.

d. Click the folder you want, e.g., DEPTS. A list of all sub-folders appears.

e. Click to place a checkmark next to the folder(s) you wish to bookmark.

f. Click the Bookmark Selected... button.

Client Application Sessions (VPN)

To Launch the Virtual Private Network (VPN), click on Start next to Network Connect and follow the prompts including certificate acceptance.
Once connected, a Network Connect icon will appear in the Windows Systray (lower right of screen by the clock).
While connected, any application request to a VU system will be redirected through the gateway. Non VU requests will simply use your regular network/ISP connection.

Checking Status and Disconnecting

To disconnect or check the status of your connection, click or right click the Network Connect icon in the Systray.

Select “Exit or "Sign Out” to disconnect.

"Basic" or “Advanced View” will provide status details and other information on your session.