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Villanova University is pleased to offer access to over 65 software applications.  We call them the Academic Applications. To name just a few, there are popular software products like ArcView (Geography) and Maple (Math), as well as Microsoft Office, Project and Visio.

We also offer access to the statistical products used in many classes: Spss, Sas, Minitab and SigmaPlot. These products and many more are available via your web browser by connecting to the Villanova Citrix system — all day, every day. With the proper Citrix web client software, the academic applications are accessible from the dorm room, from the computer lab and from the classroom, and even if you are connecting from off campus!

Try the Villanova Citrix system today!

See the notes below.  Use your web browser (preferably, the Internet Explorer) to access the Villanova Citrix system. It's available to both remote users and on-campus users.

Citrix ICA Web Client Installation

Following are the instructions for the Citrix ICA Web Client installation for Windows users:

  1. Use your web browser to access the following site:
  2. For MAC users, download the Citrix Receiver for Mac.
    For Windows Users, download the Citrix Receiver.
  3. Upon clicking on the Plug-in link, a dialog box will appear, click on the 'Run' button. A 'Run' Window will appear.
  4. Another box will appear asking 'Do you want to run this software?'. Click 'Run'.
  5. It will begin extracting files. Another dialog box will appear asking to install the MetaFrame Web Client. Click 'Yes'.
  6. The Citrix License Agreement will appear. Click 'Yes' to agree. 
    The installation begins copying files.
  7. Upon successfully completing the Plug-in installation, click OK, then Close the window.
    The Plug-in installation is now complete.
  8. You can now restart your Browser and return to the Citrix login screen to login in.  (

The Applications are divided into categories, Academic, Administrative, and General. After navigating to the location of your application a single click will launch your remote session.

* SavingCitrix.pdf
Instructions on saving with Citrix