Program Agreement


Each student is responsible for the care and usage of their Villanova University supplied computer.  As an asset of the University, usage of this device is controlled by specific rules and policies.  Please refer to the University’s IT Policies, incorporated into the Student Handbook at and related links for specifics as well as terms and conditions of all license agreements.  Commercial use of this laptop is prohibited due to legal and licensing agreements.


Each University supplied laptop must be kept in full working condition.  All repairs should be completed at the IT service department located at the TechZONE in 101 Vasey Hall.

Each student is responsible for loss, damage or theft of their University supplied laptop as defined below:

  • 1st incident Student is responsible for cost up to $1,000.00
  • 2nd incident /severe abuse/ Negligence Student is responsible for entire repair cost or replacement                        

Loss or Theft

On Campus – Each student is required to contact Villanova’s Public Safety Office (610-519-6979) and the HelpDesk (610-519-7777) or

Off Campus - Each student is required to file a local police report, contact Villanova’s Public Safety Office (610-519-6979), and the HelpDesk (610-519-7777) or  


University owns all rights to the laptops supplied under the Laptop Program Agreement.  University reserves the right to require any student who receives a laptop under this program to immediately return their laptop to the University upon notice.  University can also require a student to preserve any and all data stored, transmitted, or saved on their laptop.  (Failure to abide by this provision will result in a violation of the University Computer Usage Policy.)

Laptop Return

At the end of their sophomore year, each rising junior is required to return their University supplied laptop.  Failure to return the laptop will result in a tuition charge for the residual value of the computer.

Senior Gift

Upon graduation, ownership of the Villanova laptop is transferred to the graduate as a gift.  Specifics regarding laptop gifting and software transfer will be furnished prior before graduation. 

Right to Revise or Rescind

The University may alter or rescind these terms and conditions at any time in its sole discretion. 


Chat Support Hours:
Mondays - Thursdays: 9AM - 7PM
Fridays: 9AM - 4PM


Submit ticket here.

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For on-campus repairs and supportvisit the TechZone, vasey Hall, Rm. 101

For on-campus laptop repairs and support visit the TechZONE, Vasey Hall, Rm. 101

Laptop Return Address

Villanova University
101 Vasey Hall
Attn: Laptop Return
800 Lancaster Ave.
Villanova, PA 19085





















Important Note

If you leave before graduating from Villanova University, you must return the laptop in full working condition to the TechZONE in Vasey Hall, Rm. 101. This includes all withdrawals from the University, leaves of absence, or for any other reason. 

Failure to return the computer will result in a non-refundable tuition fee equal to the residual value of the machine. Failure to pay any amounts due under this program agreement may result in transcripts being withheld.