Lost or Stolen

Should your VU issued laptop become lost or stolen, the student is to provide country specific Local Police Report to the Laptop Program Manager.  You may contact the Laptop Program at laptopprogram@villanova.edu for specific concerns and information.  

We recommend that the student place their laptop under their parent’s homeowners insurance or seek out renters insurance if available. For additional information regarding University sponsored Insurance policies, please visit the Insurance Page. For more information regarding the Laptop Program Policy,  please visit the policies page.

For on-campus repairs and supportvisit the TechZone, vasey Hall, Rm. 101

For on-campus laptop repairs and support visit the TechZONE, Vasey Hall, Rm. 101

Laptop Return Address

Villanova University
101 Vasey Hall
Attn: Laptop Return
800 Lancaster Ave.
Villanova, PA 19085