Laptop Program

If you are an incoming student, please visit our Student Services Page.  The content displayed here are for students who were eligible for the Laptop Program, which has recently been discontinued. 

As part of their curriculum, students who have entered the Univeristy on or prior to the Drop/Add period of the Fall 2013 semester are leased a state-of the art laptop computer. Villanova University supplies this laptop on a two year lease refresh cycle.  During the spring at the end of the sophomore year, this computer must be returned. After the laptop is returned, the student can order their second laptop.

If you leave Villanova for any reason, except undergrad graduation, you must return your Villanova issued laptop and power cord to 101 Vasey Hall.

Laptops through this program remain the property of Villanova University.  Students are required to participate in the Laptop Program regardless of their personal computer.  Students are responsible for the care of their computer and should review all the information in the laptop agreement regarding the laptop program policies and procedures.

Visit here for answers about the discontinuation of Laptop Program.

Get information about what to do if your laptop has been lost or stolen

Information for laptop support for graduating seniors can be found here.

Visit here to read about how each student is responsible for the care and usage of their Villanova University supplied computer.

Familiarize yourself with the University's comprehensive computer usage policies.

Laptop program information for communications majors can be viewed here.

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For on-campus repairs and supportvisit the TechZone, vasey Hall, Rm. 101

For on-campus laptop repairs and support visit the TechZONE, Vasey Hall, Rm. 101

Laptop Return Address

Villanova University
101 Vasey Hall
Attn: Laptop Return
800 Lancaster Ave.
Villanova, PA 19085