The University Logos and Hierarchy

University Logo

The Villanova University Primary Mark has two components: the University crest and the logotype (typeface).

The word “University” has been carefully sized and letter spaced underneath the word “Villanova.” These two components are in a fixed relationship, and should not be altered, modified or repositioned in any way. Additionally, the crest should not appear separately from the words Villanova University, but work as one unit to create the logo.


Logo Clearspace

To ensure its integrity and visibility, the Villanova University logo and the Villanova “V” should be kept clear of competing text, images and graphics. The logos must be surrounded by an adequate clearspace—in any given format, a space equal in size to the height of the word “University”, as shown below.

Logo Clearspace

Logo Size and Leading


The Villanova University logo may be scaled proportionately to fit everything from directional signage to small brochures. The round crest is the defining element because of its intricate design details. To ensure successful reproduction, the crest should not be reproduced smaller than ½ inch high.

Minimum V Size

The Villanova “V” University and College-level logos are more appropriate for use when the space available forces the crest to be smaller than ½ inch high. To ensure successful reproduction, the height of the “V” should not be reproduced smaller than ¼ inch high.

Minimum Wordmark

For instances where the logo needs to be reproduced smaller than ¼ inch high, we encourage using our wordmark, which has been typeset into a usable graphic file to ensure the relationship between the words “Villanova” and “University” are maintained.


Unacceptable Uses for logos

Unacceptable application of logo

If you have questions about which mark is most appropriate, please contact University Communication and Marketing’s Creative Services department at or telephone 610-519-4275.

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