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VTV was started in 1998 by a group of students looking to develop a way to expand the creative horizons for students on campus. Over the years, VTV has become one of the largest media groups on campus and is involved in many events that happen at Villanova.  The station is always on air on a closed circuit channel - VTV 17.


Exec Board


General Manager

LAUREN DUGAN is a Communication and Journalism major from Flemington, NJ.  She started as an Anchor on both VTV's "Wildcat Watch Live" and "Nova News" shows. She previously served as Social Media Director, News Director, and General Manager.




ZAC RAHN is a senior Computer Science major from Morgantown, PA.  He is the station’s Technical and Training Director and is the Men’s Basketball Video Manager. Zac is crucial to keeping the equipment running and our members knowledgeable to use it. He is also a key editor for our larger videos.




JON WEINER Beginning his VTV career as a lowly camera boy on Matt & Myra in the Morning, Jon Weiner, a senior Communication major from Colts Neck, NJ, quickly worked his way up to become Director of the Entertainment Department. Now starting his second year in the role, Jon hopes to find continued success with such popular shows as Can You Repeat That and Everything Right Now Today, as well as test new waters with soon-to-be-fan-favorites like Glipglopgazorpazip Finds Love and Sheehan Beach: The Reboot. Get in touch with Jon if you have creative ideas of your own!




MAUREEN PAGLIA is a junior Communication and English double major from Green Township, New Jersey. Last year, she assisted Jon with the production of shows within the Entertainment Department, and she currently serves as the News Director of VTV. Maureen aspires to keep news investigative and to help members create packages that give Villanovans' the true inside scoop of campus life. In her spare time, Maureen enjoys Heely-ing around campus and singing numbers from the hit Broadway musical, Jersey Boys.





JACK GOLDMAN is a sophomore Business major from Boston, MA. He began working with VTV in the sports and entertainment departments his freshman year covering the basketball team and hosting Everything Right Now Today, a take off of The Daily Show and Last Week Tonight. As Sports Director, he hopes to bring more comprehensive coverage to all Villanova sports for the 2015-2016 season.





MYRA VILLAS is a senior Communication major with a Business minor from Bolingbrook, IL.  She began working on "Wildcat Watch Live" and was previously the station’s Social Media Director. As Marketing Director this year, she is responsible for extending our services to businesses and organizations at and around Villanova. During her last year, she hopes to spread awareness of VTV’s talent and increase viewership on both the station and YouTube Channel. Contact Myra for your video production inquiries.             





LIBBY MELBERT is a junior Business major from Carmel, IN.  She began as a technical assistant for "Nova News” during her freshman year. As the Director of Communication, her goals for the year include increasing new member involvement, keeping board members aware of what else is happening in VTV, and putting together club-wide newsletters. Libby also loves the Indianapolis Colts and is not afraid to back that up; just ask her. If you’re looking to get involved, Libby is the person to talk to.





ALEJANDRA GOMEZ is a senior Communication and Spanish double major from Long Valley, NJ.  She started volunteering on “Wildcat Watch Live” and "Nova News" her freshmen year. She founded "Nova Cribs" along with Cynthia their sophomore year. She is now Director of Special Events and is looking to coordinate and plan some fun events for VTV throughout the year!





CYNTHIA HORVILLEUR is a senior Communication major and Business minor from Managua, Nicaragua.  She began working with "Wildcat Watch Live" as a freshman, then founded and co-produced "Nova Cribs" as a sophomore. As the current Manager of Operations, Cynthia oversees the programming and logistics behind Villanova's Channel 17.





PETER PROKOP is a junior Communication Major from Strongsville, OH.  As Social Media Director Peter is working on increasing VTV's presence through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. He is also working on graphics and media for each department.


UNIT Online Service Request Form

Click here to complete the UNIT Request a Recording Form; for academic events and lectures. Please submit this form at least 10 days prior to your event to ensure UNIT availability to film your event. For filming of extracurricular and community events, inquire with VTV's staff at villanovatelevision17@gmail.com.

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