Therese Wenzel Award

Therese Celine Wenzel (Aug 15,1938 - June 20,1995) was the former Coordinator of Project Sunshine, now Rays of Sunshine, who's life was cut short. Each recipient receives a certificate in her honor signed by the Vice President of Student Life and the Director of Student Development. The certificate is awarded with a $100 check.



The Therese Celine Wenzel Service Award is awarded to graduating Senior(s) who have shown commitment to service throughout their four years at Villanova University. The criteria for receiving this award is based on:

  • understanding diverse populations,
  • respecting the needs of the poor,
  • educating other students about the importance of serving,
  • being an active participate in all areas of Rays of Sunshine.

Eligible Rays of Sunshine members vote online for the senior members that typify this award. The award is presented in May.


Award Recipients

2013: Carlos Cortez. Haile Bennett, Lindsay Michael

2011: Benjamin Holeman

2008: Nicole Zahradka, Amy Tam, Caitlin Devlin, & Eric Melchior.

2007: Shreya Amin, Jamie Berg, Merin Mathew, & Shawn Rawlins

2006: Jaime Gentile, Kimberly Jean
& Erin Lembo

2005: Vu Do & Christine Kowalski

1999: Christina Boyko, Jill Kelley,
& Jill Lentz

1998: Michael Watson, Elizabeth McLaughlin, & Dennis Morrone