Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sunshine Day and Rays Day?

Sunshine Day and Rays Night are events that bring our tutees to campus.  They have a chance to see volunteers in their environment, have some fun, get a tour of campus and bond with one-to-one volunteers.  Click on the Events link for more information.

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Can I be involved if I can’t make a weekly commitment?

Yes.  We have the Once & Dones program for just that!  Most opportunities are offered on the weekends.  There is no long term commitment and you have a chance to do something different.

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Where do I go to sign up for your programs?

You can register right here by clicking on Get Involved or you can stop by Dougherty 214A for more information.

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Is it true that I can get paid to volunteer?

Yes it is.  If you qualify for Federal Work Study, you can use Rays of Sunshine’s tutoring program as your Work Study job.  However, it is NOT a requirement to do volunteer work.  Many registered participants are simply volunteers.

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Who can I contact if I want to advertise or sponsor one of your events?

Rays of Sunshine is grateful for any and all sponsorship endeavors.  We can do more with the community with your help! Please email Rays of Sunshine for more information.

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How do I make Rays of Sunshine my work study job?

Visit the Financial Assistance Office in Kennedy.  They will be able to tell you if you qualify for Work Study monies.  If you do, fill out a Student Employee Referral Form and have it signed by someone in Financial Assistance, then bring it to Dougherty 214A.

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