Cultural Competence

Interlocked Hands


  1. Attend a cultural competence training program sponsored by the Office of Student Development and/or Center for Multicultural Affairs

  2. Attend an educational or entertainment event sponsored by a multicultural student organization

  3. Attend an (on-campus or off-campus) arts activity or event which provides new perspectives into different cultures and complete a reflection (self-reflection)


  • Participate in the Intergroup Dialogue Program (IGR)
  • Hold membership in a multicultural organization
  • Attend additional diversity programs, arts activities, and training programs which satisfy the requirements above
  • Participate in a service or ceremony of a faith different from your own
  • Participate in an event sponsored by the Gay Straight Coalition
  • Participate in an event or lecture sponsored by the Women’s Studies Program

How do I enroll in SLICE?


Registration for the SLICE program is free, quick and easy! All students are automatically enrolled in SLICE through VUGroups.

  • Click on VU Groups below
  • LOG IN using your VU ID and Password
  • Click on VIEW MAP (button on lower right)
  • Check out the Events and side navigation

Why participate in SLICE?

Students can complete the SLICE program at their own pace. When the requirements are completed, students are eligible to be inducted into the Villanova Student Life Circle of Excellence. Members of this organization will enjoy special privileges throughout the remainder of their Villanova careers, including receptions with campus leaders, alumni engagement opportunities, invitations to special campus events and much more.