Men’s Basketball Student Ticket Lottery

Student Government Association Men’s Basketball Student Ticket Lottery

 Tickets to Men’s Basketball games, both at the Pavilion and Wachovia Center, are distributed to students through the SGA Student Ticket Lottery.

Emails will be sent to students as games approach allowing them to enter online in the lottery. Each game has its own lottery meaning you have multiple chances throughout the season to win a ticket. ONLY FULL-TIME UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS can register for the lottery.

The "Your Chance" percentage is a relative reflection of your weight (every student starts out with a weight of 100 at the beginning of every year). This means that at the beginning of the year, every student has a chance of approx 100/4400 chance. The 4400 is the expected number of lottery applicants.

The "Average Chance" is a percentage that updates twice a day and is a reflection of the number of applicants and their weight vs the total number of tickets available.

When the lottery is complete, students will receive an email (or whichever way they choose to be notified) notifying them if they have won a ticket.

Games at the Pavilion are “ticketless.” This means that students who have won a ticket will need to bring their Wildcard to the game. Upon arrival at the Pavilion, your Wildcard will be swiped and the event staff will be able to see if you have been awarded a ticket. Students who have not been given tickets will be asked to leave.

Games at the Wachovia Center will require students to pick up their ticket during the Ticket Pick-Up period. Tickets will be available at the Athletic office ticket window in Jake Nevin Fieldhouse. It is imperative that students remember to pick-up their tickets as unclaimed tickets will be released to the waitlist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can no longer attend a game I won a ticket for?

Students will be allowed to transfer their tickets to other students or release them to a waitlist. Transfers must be done during the ticket transfer period and, once tickets are transferred, they cannot be reclaimed.

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What’s the deal with “lottery weight?”

Every student at Villanova has their own lottery weight in the ticket lottery. At the beginning of the season, everyone’s lottery weight is the same, meaning everyone has the same chance of winning a ticket. As the season progresses, your lottery weight (and chances) can diminish if you win tickets and DO NOT attend the games. It is important to remember that we want to allow as many people as possible to support our Men’s Basketball team. If you cannot use your ticket please transfer it to a friend or release it to the waitlist. If your ticket is transferred, you will not lose lottery weight as the ticket is no longer your responsibility. However, not attending a game for which you are ticketed or forgetting to pick up a ticket will damage your chances of winning future lotteries.

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Questions and Concerns should be directed to: SGA Student Ticket Lottery Contact.

We look forward to seeing you during this upcoming Men’s Basketball season as the Wildcats look to return to the Final Four!