Residence Life Committee – Hannah Carney and Rodrigo Rivera

Bi-Weekly Thursdays @ 7PM in Old Falvey

Executive Member: Pat Long


The Residence Life Committee will help with the general well-being of all the residence halls.  This includes educating residents where to contact for any maintenance problems or thinking of ideas to improve the quality of living for the students.  This committee will constantly keep in contact with facilities management, public safety, and the residence life organizations with any problems that are overlooked.


Work with the Inter-Hall Council (IHC).


Events: RA Appreciation Day, Christmas Dorm Decorating Contest, Dorm Olympics


Athletics Committee – Casey Gatti, Steve Buonomo, and Will Byrne

Bi-Weekly Thursdays @ 7:30 PM in Driscoll 240

Executive Member: Kyle Lubiejewski


The Athletics Committee serves to address the views of the entire student body as a whole concerning Villanova athletics.  We work to encourage student interest in Villanova’s athletic teams and sporting events through hosting activities aimed at building Nova Nation pride.


Work with SAAC (football tailgates/events)


Events:  SGA Ticket Lottery, Away Game Buses, Tailgates, Fatheads, Rollouts, Promotion of Events


Public Relations – Matt McCarry and Anika Pandit

Bi-Weekly Tuesdays @ 6:30-7:30 in White 218

Executive Member: Bobby Roenitz


The Public Relations Committee will work on promoting and advertising projects being conducted by SGA.  Through social media, campus news outlets, and other resources, the PR committee has a goal to ensure that students and faculty are aware of SGA’s success and current projects.


Events: Wildcat Newswire, The Villanovan, Help with Town Hall Meetings, Communication with other groups, Social Media, Newswire Customization, News Letter


Dining Services Committee – Augustine Horner and Casey Vaughn

Bi-Weekly Thursday @ 5:30PM in Bartley 1064

Executive Member: Pat Long


The dining services committee is responsible for all of the student concerns about the dining options at Villanova.  The committee meets to discuss food options in dining halls, meal plans, dining hall hours, and reforms to dining operations, among other things.  The committee welcomes any suggestion from the student body.


Events:  Check SGA suggestions, Staff Appreciation Day, Meet with Dining Services at least once a semester


Community Affairs Committee – Taylor Grosjean, Win Su, Talia Charidah

Bi-Weekly Thursdays @ 6:15 in Bartley 35

Executive Member: Bobby Roenitz


The Community Affairs Committee primarily focuses on nurturing the relationship between Villanova University and the surrounding communities as well as the student community within the university.  We work with Villanova’s administration staff to resolve issues/disputes between students and neighbors of Villanova, host events to bring the community together, and prevent foreseeable issues between students living off campus and their neighbors.


Events: Radnor Run, Easter Egg Hunt, Garett Hill BBQ, Football Game, Clean-Up Day, Chris Kovolski ideas



Intellectual Climate Committee – Michael Lamb and Elpitha Soussou

Bi-Weekly Tuesdays @ 7PM in Driscoll 246

Executive Member: John Puszcz


The purpose of the intellectual climate committee will be able to address any concerns academic in nature, and which are not addressed by other committees.  We will be responsible for considering new innovations to improve the academic quality of Villanova, and also cultivate these ideas into viable policies.  Examples of some topics which we might cover could be CAT reports, the quality and availability of classrooms, availability of technology to students, and any other such academic affairs that would fall under this umbrella.


Events: CAT Report Accessibility, One Book Committee, Writing Center and MLRC, Print Centers


Mission and Social Justice Committee –Brian King and Aida Mohajeri

Bi-Weekly Tuesdays @ 8:15PM in Bartley 1010

Executive Member: John Puszcz


The Mission and Social Justice Committee seek to fulfill Villanova’s values of Unitas, Caritas, and Veritas.  We will work with all aspects of campus life to discuss and carry out our goals as an Augustinian Community.


Events: Meet the Campus Ministry Interns, Food Drive, Residence Life Blood Drive, Emerging Leaders Institute