Resident Assistant Job Description

The Resident Assistant (RA) is a staff member of the Office for Residence Life and the University. He/she reports to the staff supervisor in his/her hall and the Area Coordinator for his/her area. In addition to the specific job responsibilities listed below, the RA is expected to possess a positive attitude which embraces the philosophies, mission, policies and procedures of Residence Life. In addition, staff members are expected to exercise good use of personal judgment to protect his/her credibility which is critical to his/her ability to perform this job.

Community Development

  • Develops a sense of unity among residents by facilitating the development of relationships among residents
  • Creates a friendly, respectful and considerate environment among the residents on the floor

Relationships with Residents

  • Establishes relationships with all residents of the floor and demonstrates availability and approachability to residents
  • Is aware of attitudes, possible adjustment problems and behavioral patterns of residents

Community Builders

Assesses the interests and needs of his/her residents and plans and implements Community Builders that that facilitate learning and growth as it relates to the core values of the University- Veritas, Unitas, and Caritas - Truth, Unity, and Love.


Meets with residents who are experiencing concerns (roommate conflicts, personal issues, etc.) and refers them to the appropriate resource for assistance as necessary

Policy Enforcement

  • Confronts inappropriate behavior in an objective, consistent and respectful manner providing rationale for policies
  • Follows up with students who have violated policy

Duty Responsibilities

Completes duty rounds and/or desk duty of the building to promote the safety and security of the community as assigned

Staff Dynamics

  • Participates in staff meetings, training workshops, in-services, etc.
  • Establishes effective working relationships and works collaboratively with fellow staff members
  • Acts as a team player by compromising for the good of the staff as appropriate
  • Gives and receives constructive feedback regarding job performance


  • Submits paperwork timely and completely (CB plans and reports, duty logs, weekly reports, incident/personal concern reports, maintenance requests, etc.)
  • Attends building, area and other Residence Life meetings
  • Maintains open communication with building staff supervisor and Area Coordinator
  • Assists with the opening and closing of the residence halls at the beginning and end of the year as well as break periods
  • Follows through on all tasks delegated to him/her
  • Budgets time and balances activities effectively


Due to the demanding nature of the RA position and the time commitment involved, the Office for Residence Life expects that those persons hired as Resident Assistants maintain the following:

  • A 2.5 Cumulative Grade Point Average
  • Undergraduates may not carry a course load in excess of eighteen credit hours or less than twelve credits per semester/ graduate staff may not exceed a maximum academic load of twelve credit hours; and Law students are limited to a maximum course load of fifteen hours.
  • Staff must seek permission from their Area Coordinator and the Assistant Director for Staff Development to hold other compensatory positions while employed by Residence Life.  Off-campus employment is subject to the same approval.
  • Staff participation in internships or assistantships is subject to their performance. Staff members interested in participating in an internship or assistantship should communicate their interest with Residence Life immediately to discuss proper protocols. Candidates who have a student teaching seminar as part of their curriculum should discuss this with the Office for Residence Life prior to applying.
  • Because of the academic demands inherent to graduate study, staff members enrolled in graduate programs must agree to the following limitations:
    • Graduate assistantships may not exceed 20 hours per week
    • First-year law students may not be a staff supervisor.

Time Commitment

All Resident Assistant staff are expected to report to campus at least one week prior to the opening of the residence halls, to remain on campus until the last scheduled class before break periods begin, and to complete duties through Commencement.

Financial Aid

All students currently receiving financial aid and who intend on making an application should consult with a counselor in the Financial Assistance office to determine the impact a Resident Assistant position may have on their financial aid package.


All rising Sophomore, Junior and Senior undergraduate students and Graduate and Professional School students are eligible to apply. Students entering their first year of Law School are generally not eligible to apply.

All applicants must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA and also be in good disciplinary standinging with the University.  An applicant with a serious or significant disciplinary history may be precluded from applying by the Office for Residence Life.


Resident Assistants are generally hired for the academic year (9 months) and compensation is in the form of an internal room waiver and an Alternative meal plan. Please note that Resident Assistants in the West Campus Apartments are compensated with an internal room waiver and a 5-meal/week meal plan. Consistent with IRS regulations, this compensation is not reported by Villanova University as taxable income.

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