RA Selection


Resident Assistants (RAs) are undergraduate and graduate students who can help you with any problem you might face at any time. They are available to assist you with personal issues, academic needs, housing questions, and maintenance/custodial concerns. RAs provide leadership and guidance for residents, plan events to provide residents with opportunities to meet new people and learn new things, and hold periodic community meetings to share information and review community policies. Residence Life houses RAs in every residence hall and apartment building on campus.

Prospective RAs

Residence Life seeks dedicated student leaders with a passion for helping others and building community to serve on the RA staff each year. Being an RA is challenging, rewarding, and fun. If you would like to learn more about becoming a RA, please see our Prospective RA section.

Resident Assistant Mentor Program (RAMP)

The RA Mentor Program (RAMP) is designed to develop leadership skills of students in the fall semester prior to their application for the RA position. This program is open to all rising sophomore and junior students who would like to learn more about themselves, their leadership skills, and the position before deciding to apply. (...more)

Apply for a RA Position

Residence Hall Staff Selection for 2015-2016 is complete.


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