Executive Board Descriptions


The president is in charge of facilitating communications between the Office of Residence Life and the executive board, and individual hall councils. The president and the vice president meet with the advisor weekly before executive board meetings. It is their responsibility to create an agenda for meetings and make sure that all board members are performing their duties. The president is also the primary contact for outside vendors that may be used in IHC events. They are the primary reference for all board concerns and questions. The President is key to the structure of IHC and keeps the organization functioning properly. The president is also in charge of planning new member orientation with the vice president. Average time per week - 3 to 5 hours.

Vice President

The vice president supports the president by helping run and plan the executive board meetings. The vice president also meets with the president and advisor weekly before each board meeting. The vice president works with the president in planning new member orientation, and is responsible for filling the president’s place in their absence. Average time per week - 2 to 5 hours.

Financial Coordinator

The Financial Coordinator has the responsibility of managing the budget, performing financial analysis, and creating a pro-forma budget.  Managing the budget requires regular contact with the Residence Life Budget Officer for budgetary updates, and informing the executive board as to the status of the budget.  Performing financial analysis requires looking at year over year spending changes for IHC staple events such as Roommate Connection.  Financial analysis is done to track performance and cost management.  Finally, pro-forma budgeting requires looking forward and appropriating funds to events that have been approved by the Executive board and will occur.  Average time per week - 2 to 4 hours.

Chief of Hall Staffs

The chief of hall staffs is directly in charge of all hall council presidents. Their responsibilities include meeting with each president to discuss future and past events, the effectiveness of their meetings, and occasionally attending various hall council meetings. They are also responsible for maintaining a roster of active hall council members to turn in to the secretary. A monthly meeting with all the hall presidents should be run by this executive board member. The chief of hall staffs is responsible for giving a briefing on the hall councils to the president and the advisor. This person is also directly responsible for recruiting new members for the future executive board. Average time per week - 2 to 4 hours.

National Communications Coordinator

The NCC position is the representative of Villanova's Inter-Hall Council for our region and is responsible for registering our council and keeping up with any new updates from the region. As the liaison, they will be Villanova’s delegate at national and regional meetings. They will also be responsible for being a liaison with other on campus student organizations and departments. This will require occasionally attending another organizations general body meeting. Average time per week - 2 to 3 hours. Required to attend all regional and national conferences Villanova attends (max- 3 weekend conferences a year).


The secretary is responsible for taking minutes and attendance at all executive board meetings. The secretary is also responsible for working with Kristin Hassey, advisor, on sending out all formal emails to the hall councils and the executive board. All paperwork that is acquired through event proposals will be kept and organized by this person in the IHC binder. This includes the active hall council roster updated by the chief of hall staffs. The secretary will also work closely with the advertising coordinator by making copies of flyers and various other event materials. Average time per week - 2 to 3 hours.

Advertising Coordinator

The advertising coordinator is responsible for the development and execution of all publications for IHC events. They are in charge of the design, distribution and posting of flyers/posters. Their duties also include finding ways to communicate to the student body about Inter-Hall Council and their events, whether it be through flyers, newspapers or Facebook. They are also in charge of researching and proposing various promotional items to be ordered. Average time per week - 2 to 3 hours.

Programming Coordinator

The programming coordinator is responsible for setting up and planning campus wide Inter-Hall Council Events.  The programming coordinator is responsible of determining where events will be held, when they will be held, and how they will be conducted.  This job entails working with the advertising coordinator and the secretary on event effectiveness and advertising.  This job may include booking rooms for events, contacting vendors, and proposing new events to the board. Average time per week - 2 to 3 hours.