Refrigerator Rentals

MicroFridge rentals are available this year directly from Campus Specialties, Inc. The MicroFridge multipliance provides students with a convenient way to prepare and store snacks in their rooms. The MicroFridge comes complete with a microwave, freezer, and a refrigerator.

Campus Specialties will set up the unit in student rooms and will pick it up at the end of the Spring Semester. If anything goes wrong with the unit, Campus Specialties will replace it. The MicroFridge is available for a yearly rental price of $179.99.

Please note that only one MicroFridge or refrigerator/microwave is permitted per room.

MicroFridge Sample

Please download the brochure or view the Campus Specialties site for more information.

* MicroFridge 179 99.pdf
MicroFridge Brochure