NOVASIS for Parents

Dear Parents:

We are pleased to announce an information system for parents of our undergraduate students. Parents will now be receiving their own account on Villanova’s NOVASIS system with a User ID and PIN. Many of you may have heard of NOVASIS or you may have seen your child use NOVASIS to access their records. It is Villanova’s web based system that allows students to manage their academic and administrative information.

Now through your parent account, you may be able to access quick links to important university information that pertains to your child. The system provides the functionality to allow students to share records from their NOVASIS accounts with parent accounts including information on schedules, grades, bills and financial aid.

Students determine and authorize what information from their NOVASIS account will be available for view by their parents. Please note that parent NOVASIS accounts are view only and parents will not be able to update student information.

We hope that this new system will allow for easier and more immediate information sharing, and that it will be a resource for both parents and students. We recommend that you review your NOVASIS account permissions with your Villanova student.

Because of the restrictions created by the Family Education Rights Policy Act (FERPA), the process is a bit complicated and also takes some time.  Here are the steps that you will need to follow:

  1. The first step is to have the student submit the parental disclosure form.

  2. The student will also need to enter information about their parents on the student NOVASIS system.  In addition to providing the parents' names, the student will need to provide the parents' addresses, e-mail addresses, and some work information.  After this information is officially entered into the system, which might take a few weeks, both the parents and the students will receive an e-mail confirmation.  That e-mail will refer you back to this page for instructions for the next steps for setting up a parents' account.  That e-mail will also include NOVASIS User ID.  Make sure you retain that User ID.

  3. Once you have received the e-mail telling you that you are in the system, you will be ready to access NOVASIS. Please view the log on instructions to the right  Note that you will need to enter your e-mail address to access NOVASIS the first time, and after that you will need your NOVASIS User ID.  If there is a problem with the e-mail address that you use to access NOVASIS for the first time, please contact our office at and we will update your records within 24 business hours and notify you that you can now access your NOVASIS account.

If you have any questions regarding your new account please e-mail us at

Thank you,

Office of the Registrar


To access your new NOVASIS account for the first time:

Log into

Click “Enter Secure NOVASIS Area”.

Click on “First Time Users or Don’t Know Your PIN”.

Enter your e-mail address (This is the email address on file at Villanova University. If you do not know the email address to be used, please contact the Registrar's Office).

You will then be asked three security questions. One of the questions requires knowledge of the last four digits of your Villanova child’s Social Security Number so please have that on hand.

Once you have correctly answered the three security questions your PIN will be e-mailed to you.

To access your NOVASIS account once you know your PIN:

Log into

Click “Enter Secure NOVASIS Area”.

Enter your User ID. (If you have forgotten your User ID, please contact the Registrar's Office).

Enter your NOVASIS PIN.

You are now in NOVASIS.

Click on the “Parent” tab to access NOVASIS for Parents.

To see the access your child has granted select the first option “View Parental Access”.

Once you are finished using NOVASIS, log out by clicking on the EXIT button on the top right corner of any form.