Pre-course assignments are posted as they become available.  First check the weekly Pre Assignments pdf.   If there are supplemental materials to download, it will be noted in the pdfs.  All of our courses have Pre-course assignments, not all have supplemental downloads.

Pre-coursework 2014

Supplemental Materials

Following are supplemental materials for those courses in which the pre-coursework above refers to additional files or downloads.   Please use the above pdfs as a first step in checking pre-course assignments.   Very few courses have supplemental materials.

757 (Week 1) - Rehearsal Techniques for Contemporary Choral Ensembles

656 (Week 2) - Teaching Strings

734 (Week 2) - The Child Voice

751 (Week 2) - Creative Classroom Musicianship

622 (Week 3) - Guitar

628 (Week 3) - Priorities in the Secondary Choral Classroom

661 (Week 3) - String Instrument Repair

678 (Week 4) - Brass & Woodwind Ped

760 (Week 4) - Digital Recording

Pre & Post Coursework

Pre-Course Assignments 

All Pre-Course Assignments are now posted.  Here is a direct link:
Pre-Course Assignments 

Note that if a text is required, it will be mailed to you prior to the course.