Course Information

All courses will have additional outside-of-class work totaling approximately 5 hours per credit. Work may include readings, research projects, and/or papers. Work may be pre-class, post-class, or both.  Pre-course work and assignments will be posted with each session's course descriptions approximately one month prior to the course start date.

Students should view and complete pre-assignments in advance of the course. The official end date for the each class is 7 days after the last class.

Course info for Summer 2014 is NOW AVAILABLE!

Registration is not yet open.   Registration opens on April 10th at 9pm (EDT).

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  • Instructors  (Not yet updated for 2014)
  • Course Descriptions  
  • Pre-course Assignments (No pre-course assignments for 2014 have been posted yet.  These will be posted as they are received from the instructors.  Our goal is to have all pre-course assignments posted one month ahead of the start date.)