Arrival Information

Monday Morning Sign-In

All students should report to the lobby of St. Mary’s Hall, located on the corner of County Line Road and Spring Mill Road (rt. 320), to officially sign-in on the first day of class, between 7:15am and 8:15am (classes begin at 8:30am). Please come early to avoid last minute lines. If you have an account balance or need to get a room assignment, please arrive as early as possible. 

Directions, General Location, & Campus Map

Visit our directions page for various Music Activities Locations and directions to Villanova.


  • Sunday arrivals:  Housing check-in will be held in Klekotka Hall, the first of the apartment buildings behind St. Mary’s Hall on West Campus, on Sunday evenings from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.    
  • Monday arrivals:  You may pick up your key at sign-in.  If you plan to visit your room before your course begins, please arrive no later than 7:45 am (classes begin at 8:30am).

Items Supplied to You:

  • sheets
  • pillows and pillowcases
  • blanket
  • two bath towels
  • washcloth
  • toilet paper
  • internet cable (may require a small security deposit)
  • garbage bags
  • a lamp

Items to Bring:

  • Pots and pans if you wish to cook
  • utensils
  • alarm clock
  • small book light for bedrooms
  • extra towels or pillows
  • soap, shampoo
  • any other personal items

Guests will be issued a card which will allow access to Klekotka Hall as well as Villanova’s library and on-campus fitness center.


A PDF of a dated parking permit will be sent via e-mail one week before your course begins (usually on Monday afternoon).  Place the permit on the dashboard of your car.  If you forget, campus police will issue a parking ticket that can not be waived by our office.

Parking for Commuters - Park in the Law School 3-story lot across Spring Mill Road from St. Mary's.  A detailed map will be sent along with your parking pass.  Be sure not to park in what is designated as the SEPTA Regional Rail lot.  SEPTA tows!

Parking for Residents - Park on West Campus adjacent to or past Klekotka Hall (the dorm we use in the summer). A detailed map will be sent along with your parking pass.

DO NOT PARK NEAR ST. MARY'S HALL - Unfortunately, St. Mary's is the busyest building on campus in the summer and houses all of Villanova's HR, Accounting, Payroll, & Finance Offices.  Employees in those offices do not arrive until 9am (classes begin at 8:30am) - while the lot will look empty when you arrive, it will quickly fill up.   It is common for those staff members to call to have people ticketed if they can not park when they arrive in the morning (St. Mary's Staff actually pay a premium to park in St. Mary's Lot!).   Please only park in the Law School Lot or Lot adjacent to or further down the road from your dorm if you are a resident.


Breakfast and lunch will be available in St. Mary’s Hall at the Second Storey Café on an a la carte basis. Expect to spend around $5 for breakfast and $6 or $7 for lunch. Lunch break is 1/2 hour each day (which is not enought time to leave campus for lunch).  There are many local eating spots along the Main Line where dinner can be purchased at reasonable prices.   At least one dining hall should be open for dinner each night in either Dougherty or Donohue hall.    

Housing Registration

The Housing Registration Form is NOW AVAILABLE.  Please be sure you are confirmed in your courses with UArts before registering for housing.