V-Shirts Vilanova Band Fund Raiser

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The Villanova Band Offers V-Shirt Sales Online! Order V-Shirts to wear to sports events or just around wherever you go!

You will notified by email when your order arrives. Shirts can be picked up in St. Mary's, Music Activities Office or or at our table in the Connelly Center.

Mailed Shirts

Please complete the following address fields if you would like your shirts mailed, only credit card and check orders will be mailed. There is a $5 mailing fee.

Order Information

Please indicate the size and quantity of each item you would like:

White V Tank Top ($10.00)

Navy Short Sleeve ($10.00) 

Green Short Sleeve ($10.00) 

Pink Short Sleeve ($10.00) 

White Short Sleeve ($10.00) 

Navy Long Sleeve ($12.00)

Orange Short Sleeve ($10.00) 

V Santa Hat ($10.00) 

White Long Sleeve ($12.00)

Carolina Blue Short Sleeve ($10.00) 

Tie Dye Short Sleeve ($10.00) 

$5 Delivery Fee ($5.00)