Student Performances, Events, & Auditions

Most student performances are free.  The Irish Dance Festival, Theater, & Acapella often include an admission charge.  Tickets are often available in advance. Unless otherwise noted, all performances are in the St. Mary’s Hall Chapel or Auditorium.  St. Mary's is located at County Line and Spring Mill Roads (Rt 320).

2014-2015 Academic Year

August 2014


Early-Arrival Band Camp Begins

  • Noon-3:30pm:  Arrival/Move-In for Early-Arrival Band Camp.   Check-in at St. Mary's Hall Lobby.  
  • 4pmMeeting with new students and parents in St. Mary's Band Room
  • 4:30pm:  Light dinner provided for students and families.
  • 5:30pm:  First rehearsal session & band meeting
17-20 Early Arrival Band Camp

Meeting for Incoming Students registered for Performing Arts Camp and those interested in Performing Arts opportunities at Villanova.   Schedule is tentative.

  • 8:30am:  Coffee & Donuts available prior to welcome meeting - St. Mary's Lobby
  • 9-9:45am:  Meeting with Incoming Students and Parents, St. Mary's Chapel
  • 9:45am:  Parents are encouraged to participate in Information Sessions elsewhere on campus while students participate in group activities in St. Mary's Hall.   Students will be released at approximately 11am.

First Day of Classes

First rehearsal for:

  • Voices (Female Choir, Auditorium, 5-6:30pm)
  • Singers (Male Choir, Chapel, 5-6:30pm)
  • Band (Band Room, 6-8pm)
  • Orchestra (Chapel, 8pm-10pm)
  • Dance Groups   (Dance Studio, times TBA)
26 First rehearsal for Gospel Choir (Chapel, 5:30-7:30pm)

Activities Fair - Pavilion, 6-9pm

First rehearsal for Jazz Band, 6pm, Jazz Band Room, St. Mary's Hall.

28 Villanova Student Theatre general body meeting.  Please attend if you are interested in joining VST!   8pm, St. Mary's Room 14

Performing Arts Camp Begins!

Wazobia - Jam @ the Oreo, 2pm

Performing Arts Camp begins in the late afternoon!

Wazobia - Back to School Extravaganza & Dance Party, Garey Hall Cafe, 10pm  (open to all students)

30 Improv Night hosted by VST & VSMT, 8pm, St. Mary's Auditorium/Theater  (all are welcome to attend)

September 2014

1 Last day of Performing Arts Camp.
2-4 Fall Musical Auditions – Drood
Auditions for the Villanova Student Musical Theatre show The Mystery of Edwin Drood will be held in St. Mary’s Hall Theater/Auditorium.  Auditions are open to all students.  For more info or to sign up for an audition time, visit:!auditions/cfvg
6-7 Ablaze Auditions
Auditions for Villanova’s Hip-Hop Group, Ablaze.  10-12 each day, location to be announced.
8-9 Nova Nassa Auditions
Auditions for Villanova’s Indian/Bollywood/Hip-Hop Group, Nova Nassa.  8-9pm each evening.  Check our bulletin board between St. Mary’s 14 & 16 for location.
12-13 A Capella Auditions
A Capella Auditions begin in the early evening, Ground Level Classrooms of St. Mary's Hall.  SuperNovas, Sirens, Haveners, Spires, Vocal Minority, Nothing But Treble, and Minor Problem will all hear auditions on these date.  Check the Newswire & Acapella Board in St. Mary's for details a few days before.
19 Parents’ Weekend A Capella
A Capella groups perform for Parents’ Weekend.  8:30pm in the Villanova Room.
21 Parents’ Weekend Showcase
Invite your parents to return to campus for our yearly Music Activities Showcase.  Groups performing traditionally include Band, Wildcat Dancers, Voices, Orchestra, Dance Ensemble, Twirlers, Irish Dance Team, Jazz Band, Singers, Dance Team, and VSMT, ‘Nova Nassa, and others.
27 St. Thomas of Villanova Day of Service
Music Activities groups participate in the Day of Service by performing at several locations in a Variety Show.  Last year, we performed at Camilla Hall at Immaculata University in the convent home, Brandywine Hall in West Chester, Old Pine Community Center’s Saturday for Seniors, Simpson House in Philadelphia, St. Edmond’s Home for Children, and Park House in Royersford.

October 2014

10-19 Band Fall Break Tour
The Band embarks on its yearly Fall Break Performance & Service Tour to New England and Canada.
21-25 The Mystery of Edwin Drood
The Villanova Student Musical Theatre Presents The Mystery of Edwin Drood.  St. Mary's Auditorium, 10/21-25  (Tues-Sat) 8pm, additional matinee at 2pm on 10/25
25 Homecoming
Look for many of our Music Activities Groups performing throughout the day at Sheehan Beach!

November 2014

1 Intercollegiate Irish Dance Competition
Villanova’s 2nd annual hosting of the Intercollegiate Irish Dance Competition.  Jake Nevin Fieldhouse.
18-22 Proof
Villanova Student Theatre Presents
Proof  by David Auburn.  See this Pulitzer Prize and Tony winning play in St. Mary's Auditorium, 11/18-22 (Tues-Sat) 8pm, additional matinee at 2pm on 11/22
22 Spires Fall Concert
Join Spires for a concert featuring current members and alumni!  St. Mary’s Chapel, 7:30pm

December 2014

5 Gospel Choir
Gospel Choir presents its Fall Concert, St. Mary’s Chapel, 7pm
6 Voices & Singers Christmas Concert
Villanova Voices & Singers Christmas Concert 
with Haveners & Spires:  12/6   2pm   St. Mary's Chapel, featuring Christmas Favorites and other selections.
6-7 Dance Ensemble Fall Showcase
Dance Ensemble presents its Fall Showcase, St. Mary’s Auditorium, 5pm Saturday, 2pm Sunday.
Band Christmas Concert
Join the Villanova Band in Concert with Holiday Favorites.  3pm, St. Mary's Chapel
7 Haveners & Vocal Minority
Join Haveners and Vocal Minority for a fun filled end of semester A Capella Concert.  6:30pm, Driscoll 134. 
NBT & Supernovas
Join Nothing but Treble & Supernovas in the last concert of the semester! 6pm, Connelly Center. 

Spring Semester Events Coming Soon!

Featured Event

Gospel Choir Concert

Wazobia - Jam @ the Oreo
Friday, 8/29, 2pm

Upcoming Auditions

Music Activities Group Auditions

Fall Musical Auditions for VSMT's The Mystery of Edwin Drood.  9/2 & 3, St. Mary's Auditorium.  For more info or to sign up for an audition time, visit:!auditions/cfvg

Ablaze Dance Auditions - 9/6 & 7, 10am-noon.  Location TBA.

Nova Nassa Dance Auditions - 9/8 & 9, 8-9pm each evening.  Location TBA.

Acapella Auditions - 9/12 & 13.  Look for information at the start of the semester.  These are auditions for all 7 groups.

Other Auditions
Most groups do not require auditions.  Please join us at a rehearsal!


Join one of our performing groups! Stop by a rehearsal!


  • Band - Mon & Tu 6-8pm.  St. Mary's Band Room.
  • Jazz Band - Wed 6-8pm, St. Mary's Jazz Room.
  • Orchestra - Mon 8-10pm, St. Mary's Chapel.  Strings only Thurs 6-8pm, St. Mary's Chapel.  


  • Gospel Choir - Tu & Th 5:30-7:30, St. Mary's Chapel (Tu) & Jazz Band Room (Th)
  • Villanova Voices - MW 5-6:30; St. Mary's Chapel.  
  • Villanova Singers - MW 5-6:30; St. Mary's Auditorium. 


  • Villanova Student Musical Theatre - To get involved, join us at a General Meeting, 2:30-3:30pm - St. Mary's Auditorium, 9/13, 9/27, 10/4, 10/25, 11/8, 11/22, 12/6.   Rehearsals for auditioned parts are held prior to productions.
  • Villanova Student Theatre - Visit our first meeting on Thursday 8/28 at 8pm in St. Mary's Room 14.   This is our primay organizational meeting for the semester.  All are welcome!  Rehearsals for auditioned parts are held prior to productions.

Dance - Dance Rehearsal Schedules to be announced

  • Dance Company/Ensemble
  • 'Nova Nassa
  • Ablaze
  • Irish Dance Team
  • Wazobia

A Capella - A Capella schedules to be determined after fall auditions

  • Haveners
  • Nothing but Treble
  • Sirens
  • Supernovas
  • Minor Problem
  • Vocal Minority

Villanova Music Downloads

* vualmamater.pdf
VU Alma Mater Sheet Music
* alma_mater_band.mp3
VU Alma Mater Played by VU Band
* alma_mater_singers.mp3
VU Alma Mater Sung by VU Singers
* vufightsong.pdf
VU Fight Song Sheet Music
* fight_song.mp3
VU Fight Song Performed by VU Band