Music Camp

'Music Camp' is for all Performing Arts

Music Activities and Music Camp is the place to be if you wish to continue singing, dancing, playing your instrument, acting, or twirling here at Villanova. It is for all students and no auditions are required to participate in Music Camp! New students and upperclassmen alike will spend an intensive few days preparing performances for the new year. Music, lines, and routines are learned, lasting friendships are made, performances, tours, and other activities are planned for the academic year ahead.

For Incoming Students, Music Camp is a great opportunity to get a head start on college life. You will have the opportunity to learn your way around campus ahead of the crowd, buy books before the lines and, most importantly, meet and perform for a week with other talented Villanovans. For many, this is a continuation of performing experiences from high school. For others, this may be an opportunity to explore or revisit performing arts that were left behind years before. It could even be a chance to explore something new!

Groups that participate in music camp are listed at right.  For more information about each group, visit Performing Groups, where you may click on a group name for more information.  No prior experience is necessary, with the exception of the instrumental groups.

Music Camp housing and meals are provided free of charge.  For some optional social activites  (trips, etc. during the week) your group may ask you to contribute to the cost.  When you move in for music camp, you will be moving into your actual dorm room for the school year.

Everyone registered for Music Camp is expected to be present for the entire length of camp and is expected to participate in all on-campus, scheduled group activities.  If, in the rare event, you are required to participate in another University sponsored activity during Music Camp, your absence from Music Camp must be approved in advance of arrival through the Office of Music Activities and the faculty/staff director of your group.  Music Activities reserves the right to deny participation in camp to anyone who is not fully available for the duration of camp.  Please be aware that individual group schedules are not available until the first group meetings.  

2013 Music Camp

If you are a new student, welcome to Villanova and Music Activities. If you are a returning student, welcome back!


  • Check-in is from 8 to 11 on SATURDAY, August 17th in the lobby of St. Mary’s Hall, located at the corner of Spring Mill and County Line Roads.
  • When you check in, you will receive your key/code to your dorm room and your WildCard.  Please be sure your picture has been sent to the WildCard office.  If you have not done this we won’t be able to obtain your WildCard and you won’t be able to access your dorm.
  • You will have most of the morning to move into your regular dorm room (the one you will be in all year).  At 11:30, there will be a meeting in St. Mary’s Chapel (right next to where you checked in) for all students and their parent(s).
  • When the meeting is over, lunch will be provided for you and your family.  After lunch you may kiss your parent(s) goodbye and attend an orientation meeting followed by your first rehearsal. As each group has its own schedule, you will be given those details when you attend your first rehearsal after lunch.
  • Music Camp lasts until Wednesday, 8/21, at 5pm.   That is the day that all other new students arrive and move into the dorms.   There are no organized activities for 'regular' orientation until Thursday.


  • Check-in is on SUNDAY, August 18th from 8-11 in St. Mary’s Lobby.
  • Lunch is on Main or South Campus (St. Mary's Dining Hall will not yet be open).   If you plan to eat lunch there, plan accordingly so you arrive back at St. Mary's for the 12:30 meeting.
  • At 12:30pm, there will be a meeting in St. Mary’s auditorium for all returning students.  After which you will go be directed to the appropriate place for the first rehearsal of the new school year.  
  • Music Camp lasts until Wednesday, 8/21, at 5pm. 


  • Executive Officers (President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary) are expected to arrive on Friday, August 16th in the afternoon.   Keys may be picked up in the Music Activities Office from 10-5.
  • At 5pm on Friday evening, there is a meeting with Music Activities Staff.  Dinner is provided.   Following this meeting your officers may be asked to set up the room/s your group will be using for music camp.  
  • Officers greet the incoming Freshmen on Saturday morning in the Lobby beginning at 8am.
  • Officers introduce themselves and present details about each group at the formal meeting with parents and incoming freshmen in the Chapel at 11:30.  
  • Officers are welcome to join parents and freshmen for the luncheon in St. Mary's Dining Hall.
  • Groups split up for preliminary meetings/rehearsals with the freshmen after lunch at about 2pm.
  • Music Camp lasts until Wednesday, 8/21, at 5pm. 

NEW! - Additional A Capella Workshop

  • For Returning Students Only, who are already members of an a capella group
  • Dates are 8/21, 5pm to 8/23, 10pm (the evening Music Camp ends & two full days after - it takes place during New Student Orientation)
  • Check-in is from noon-4 on WEDNESDAY, August 21st in the Music Activities Office, for those who do not already have access to his or her dorm room.

If you have questions, please e-mail or call Christine Nass or 610-519-6062.  


Registration Closed on July 15th.

Please be sure the WildCard office has your photo.  Without it they cannot issue your ID card, which allows access to your dorm.

Music Camp Groups



Villanova Singers (all male)

Villanova Voices (all female)

Villanova Gospel Ensemble

Dance Groups


Dance Company

Dance Team

Irish Dancers

Nova NASSA (Indian/Hip-Hop)

Wildcat Dancers

Band Front

Dance Team


Wildcat Dancers

University Bands

Villanova Band
(all sub-groups fall under the general Band designation)


Villanova Orchestra

Theater Groups

Villanova Student Music Theatre

Villanova Student Theatre

Music Activities Stage Crew (MASC)