Performing Arts Camp & Band Camp

Registration Instructions

Music Activities and Performing Arts Camp is the place to be if you wish to continue singing, dancing, playing your instrument, acting, or twirling here at Villanova. It is for all students and no auditions are required to participate in Performing Arts Camp! New students and upperclassmen alike will spend an intensive few days preparing performances for the new year. Music, lines, and routines are learned, lasting friendships are made, performances, tours, and other activities are planned for the academic year ahead.

For Incoming Students, Performing Arts Camp is a great opportunity to quickly get involved in college life. You will have the opportunity to meet and perform at the start of your Villanova career with other talented Villanovans. For many, this is a continuation of performing experiences from high school. For others, this may be an opportunity to explore or revisit performing arts that were left behind years before. It could even be a chance to explore something new!

Groups that participate in Performing Arts Camp are listed at right (or below on a mobile device).   For more information about each group, visit Performing Groups, where you may click on a group name for more information.  No prior experience is necessary, with the exception of the instrumental groups.

(Note that A Cappella Groups hold workshops throughout the academic year and do not participate in Music Camp.   In 2015, a cappella auditions will be held on 9/11 & 12 - look for information at the start of the semeseter if you wish to participate). 

Performing Arts Camp

Performing Arts Groups (dance, band front, orchestra, jazz band, & theater) will hold a Performing Arts Camp from Friday, 8/28 (evening) through Sunday 8/30.  Full days & evenings of rehearsals and activities can be expected from Friday night until Sunday afternoon, followed by a Music Activities Picnic on West Campus. There is no fee for Performing Arts Camp.

  • New Students - arrive for a meet & greet and initial activities with current group officers Thursday morning, 8/20, 9am-12pm.  (Please plan to move in on regular move-in day, Wednesday 8/20.)   Parents are welcome to attend the initial meeting on 8/21, from 9am-9:45am.  Rehearsals will begin on the first days of classes for many groups, followed by Performing Arts Camp activities starting Friday night, 8/28.   Each group will have its own full schedule and activities.   
  • Returning Students - we welcome all students to participate in Performing Arts Camp during the first weekend of the semester.   If you register, plan to attend all scheduled activites & rehearsals.   The committment is Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.  

Band Camp & Choir Camp

In addition to Performing Arts Camp, The Villanova Band, Villanova Voices (women's choir), and Villanova Singers (men's choir) including new students, are invited to arrive before New Student Orientaion.   For the Band, early arrival is to accomodate learning routines for Football season and playing at Orientation.   In 2015 only, for Voices & Singers, early arrival is to prepare for our participation in the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia.  Move-in will be Sunday, 8/16, 1pm-4:30pm.  Students will move into their regular dorm rooms for the year.  There will be a brief welcome & introductory meeting at 5pm, followed by a rehearsal in the evening.   Parents are encouraged to return for Parent Orientation on 8/20 if at all feasible.

The fee for Early-Arrival Band Camp & Choir Camp will be $50 per registrant.

Band members & Choir members may additionally meet during the 'First Weekend' Performing Arts Camp, but should only register for Early-Arrival Band/Choir Camp.

How to Register

All participants must register - registration for 2015 will open in June.

  1. Login to myNova with your regular Villanova ID & password.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the main page, and click on Novasis in the bottom left box.
  3. Click on the Student and Financial Aid Tab
  4. Look for Student Activities near the bottom of the list of choices
  5. Click on "Performing Arts Camp" or "Early-Arrival Band/Choir Camp" (Band refers to our large Pep Band/Scramble Band) as appropriate.
  6. On the registration page, be sure to choose your group in the drop-down menu and instrument/voice type if applicable.

Performing Arts Camp Groups



Villanova Singers (all male)
Villanova Voices (all female)
Villanova Gospel Ensemble

Dance Groups

Dance Company
Irish Dancers
Nova NASSA (Indian/Hip-Hop)

Band Front

Dance Team
Wildcat Dancers


Villanova Band (including scramble band, pep band, concert band)
Villanova Orchestra
Jazz Ensemble

Theater Groups

Villanova Student Music Theatre
Villanova Student Theatre
Music Activities Stage Crew (MASC)