Tutoring Services

AAP provides free tutoring services to program students. The objective of the tutoring program is to assist students in becoming proficient in the courses required to graduate from Villanova.

AAP students can work with private peer tutors to build skills in most subjects to help them improve their academic performance.

Supplementary Tutoring Services

Tutee Eligibility

To be eligible for tutoring, you must satisfy BOTH of the following two criteria:

  1. Be involved in one or more of the following programs: AAP/ACTIVE/WISE/SMD/UPS
  2. Participate in at least two programs/activities per semester organized by AAP/ ACTIVE/WISE/SMD/UPS

Tutoring Services Contacts

AAP Students: AAP Tutor Coordinator, Dougherty Hall, Rm 102

ACTIVE/WISE/SMD/UPS Students: Assigned Grad Assistants, Assistant Director Student Outreach, Dougherty Hall, Rm 102, 102B

Tutor Application Process

Academic Advancement Program (AAP) hires current Villanova students who have proven success in their courses to provide tutoring to our students.

Tutor Application Form
  • Ask two faculty members to complete and return the Tutor Reference Form for each course to:
                 Center for Multicultural Affairs
                 Dougherty Rm 102
                 fax: 610-591-7758
                 email: sokfong.yee-rohen@villanova.edu