AAP Pre-College Program

Orientation Weekend Program:  June 21 - 23

Pre College Program Dates:       June 24 - July 26

Prior to their first semester at Villanova, students participate in a pre-college summer program which focuses on:

       •  English                • Science                            • Academic  Skills/Instruction  
       •  Mathematics        •  Enrichment Workshops     • College Reading and WritingWorkshops

A comprehensive program, the English course develops analytical reading skills and critical thinking, enhances writing skills, and encourages productive research skills.

The English Course is offered for 3 credits as well as a grade. Both classroom instruction and personal conferences with instructors remedy some of the difficulties many students encounter during their first semester of college.

The science component provides a general overview of fundamental concepts in chemistry and biology, and lab experience. The mathematics course explores calculus and statistical concepts.

The counseling and conferences with faculty members tend to alleviate student apprehension and fears associated with attending college.

AAP Pre-College Program