Counseling Services

The Academic Advancement Program offers counseling services for AAP students free of charge. Students can receive support and guidance in many areas to assist them in achieving personal and academic success.  By addressing academic, personal, career and/or financial issues and concerns with a counselor, students can become more confident and competent in navigating the challenges of college. The ultimate goal is to achieve personal and professional growth.

We have professional and Peer Counselors who work with students in both private and group settings.

Counseling Services

Career Guidance

Do you think you may be in the wrong major? Are you experiencing confusion over your career goals?

Your AAP counselor is here to help you sort out your confusion, and set you in the right direction! With the help of our office and the Career Center, students can begin to plan their future!

Personal Counseling

The University Counseling Center is here to help students work through some of their personal issues and concerns. The goals are to facilitate their personal growth, and academic success.

Academic Counseling

Making the transition into college can be a challenge. AAP prides itself in helping students make that transition smoothly.

We are available to meet with our AAP students to assist them in academic planning. Specifically, we provide academic support services:

  • academic skills instruction
  • registration advice
  • tutoring services
  • referral resources

Financial Aid Assistance

Managing your finances while you attend college can be very difficult. Understanding how financial aid works can be a full time job! AAP works closely with the Office of Financial Assistance to help you work through your financial aid concerns.