Diversity Program Committee


The Villanova Diversity Programming Committee aims to create programs that will engage the Villanova community, challenge perceptions, heighten empathy and create a welcoming and inclusive campus environment. All proposed projects and programs are intended to educate and promote understanding with the purpose of dissuading prejudice and discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, body type, mental or physical differences, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, geographic location, age and other social identifiers.


The population of our country is rapidly changing. Across the business and academic world, diversity programming has also increased to ensure that with these demographic changes, individuals work together effectively and thrive personally in diverse and, sometimes, challenging work and learning environments. Institutions of higher education must take the lead in creating programming geared towards learning, understanding and the acceptance of personal, ideological and cultural differences. Villanova University strives to develop a “diverse community of scholars” conscious of social justice and working as active and engaged global citizens.

Here is a list of Committee Members:

  • Carl Anthony – Center for Peace and Justice
  • Nikki Hornsberry – Office of Student Development (CAT)
  • Lori Blake – Office of Student Development
  • Chelsea Hampton– Center for Multicultural Affairs
  • Kristin Hassey – Office of Residence Life
  • Nancy Kelley – VCLE/Learning Community
  • Lynn Tigh – Athletics Department, Student Services
  • Noreen Cameron – Office for Service learning
  • DeVon Jackson – Office of Student Development
  • Charisma Presley – Center for Multicultural Affairs
  • Kathleen Byrnes – Office of Student Life
  • Father Cregan – Theater Department
  • Ralph Giogliotti – Office of Fraternity and Sorority
  • Diana Misdary – Student, Senior
  • David Shaheen - Student, Junior
  • Dr. Teresa Nance - Center for Multicultural Affairs

Upcoming Events

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