The Center for Multicultural Affairs assists the University in providing all students an inclusive educational experience founded on Augustinian principles. The Center for Multicultural Affairs supports the University’s mission of respecting individual differences and adhering to the principle that mutual love and respect should animate every aspect of University life.

Through the multi-faceted programs it supports (such as the A.C.T.I.V.E. Retention and Mentoring Program, Academic Advancement Program, St. Thomas of Villanova Scholars Program, etc.) the Center undertakes the challenge of creating at Villanova University an academically distinctive, culturally diverse learning community where all members live empathically and lead effectively.

The Center for Multicultural Affairs consists of six major components:


Personal Counseling

The Retention Staff and Villanova's Counseling Center partner together to  help students work through their personal and social issues and concerns to facilitate their personal growth and academic achievements.

Academic Counseling

Transition into college can be a challenge. Our Retention Staff will work with you to set your academic goals and use the resources available to work toward academic success.

Peer Counseling

AAP Peer Counselors are here to help all of our AAP students in their transition to college, and to provide support for all AAP events.

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors are here to help all of our students in their transition to college, and to provide support for all programs and events.

Financial Aid Assistance

Our staff works closely with the Office of Financial Assistance to help you work through your financial aid concerns.

Career Guidance

Are you experiencing confusion over the choice of a major or your career path? Our staff collaborates with Career Services to:

  • help you in exploring your career interests
  • figure out your career goals
  • develop career-related skills
  • source out internship/job opportunities.

Tutoring Services

The tutoring services provides one-on-one tutoring to support students in learning and mastering course material in any subject that is requested by the student.
Supplementary Tutoring Resources available on campus

Professional and Personal Development Programming

We offer a range of professional and personal development programs to equip our students with the skills necessary to become successful and future leaders on campus and in the workforce.

Open and Safe Discussions

The Multicultural Academic Resource Center (M.A.R.C.) provides a safe place to have discussions as they relate to concerns regarding social identity groups, academics, and spirituality.

Diversity Training

In an effort to prepare our students to negogiate the Villanova community, our ultimate goal is to help them become active global citizens once they graduate.  Through conversations, learning experiences/activities, and intergroup dialogue we challenge our students to see the world not only through their cultural lens but others.

Academic Recovery

We realize that adjustment times vary from student to student.  We understand that students may have a difficult semester but most importantly we know that they can recover.  Our Academic Recovery Program is in place to aid those students who did not meet with full academic potential and who are willing and committed to excel the next semester.

Life Coach

An additional provided service is our Life Coach whose role is to empower students through personal development. To help students adjust emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to the academic and social environment of college. To assist students in identifying their strengths and weaknesses and how to maximize strengths while strengthening weaknesses.  To develop and enhance positive life coping strategies while decreasing and eliminating negative life coping strategies.