In every class, our minds were enlightened with new material to advance our progress in the next  year....This year was the most triumphant year in the VIEW program because not only we were able to talk about things that may have never crossed our minds, learn how to solve logarithmic equations, and walk around campus in 90° heat without passing out from exhaustion,  we were able to strengthen our friendships”
 - Esther Flavien
"Friendship is the family we choose for ourselves”
  - Ava Bieglaski
”I think the place that we bonded the most was not when we were in class working together…when we were doing absolutely nothing.”
  - Edna Buchanan

Program Participants

The following are excerpts of VIEW program evaluations completed at the end of the summer intensive session. When asked: “What would you do differently as a result of this program” ,  written responses included:

“Not doubt myself so much.”

"I will be more prepared and attentive to class and opportunities”

“To be less shy”

“Let my true self shine through.”

“I will work even harder in class”

“Definitely work on my writing and reading skills for the future.”

“I’ll be more patient and help my peers more.”

“It made me really think about the college I want to go to…”

“Stay more focused with everything I do.”


I was impressed with the first year students and their connectedness and support of each other.
Janice Merendino
The Branch Out Project

"This was one of the best years I've experienced in the program"

Ms. Lisa Kelly
(teacher with 10 years with the program)