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My name is Chloe Richardson, and I am in the 10th grade at Bodine High School for International Affairs. I was very moved when our international affairs teacher, Ms. Kristin Hutchinson, was cut due to lack of funding. So I set out to bring her back. I called my state representative, Rep. Cherelle Parker. Together, we set up meetings with the School District, to ask for their support. When they denied us because of lack of funds, we went to get corporate funding and got $40,000 from Whole Foods. Our school received $100,000 from an anonymous donor and now our teacher is reinstated!  It was a miracle that I do not take credit for but I am very glad that I was a factor in bringing back Ms. H.

Cierra Osborne



Congratulations for scoring 1200 on her college board SAT's. Cierra graduated from Bodine High School for International Affairs. Cierra was a 3 year VIEW program member and is a 2013 graduate. She is interested in Marine Biology and is considering schools in Hawaii and Florida. Bodine has an International Baccalaureate Program of which Cierra is a member.

Naje Childs


Princess Garrett