Requirements and Application Process

third years
view class of 2015
first years with Devon
First years with Devon for a diversity presentation


VIEW currently accepts students from 3 Philadelphia High Schools:

  • Philadelphia High School for Girls
  • Academy At Palumbo High School
  • Bodine High School for International Affairs


Prospective applicants should :

  • be female
  • maintain strong grades:
    • Academics: A's and B's with an exception allowed of 1 C
    • Conduct: All 1's and no more than 1 rating of 2
  • make a 3 year year commitment
  • have no excessive lateness or absences
  • be in the 9th grade
  • demonstrate a positive attitude
  • be willing to step outside the bubble to meet new people and try new adventures

Application Process

New student 2016 application is open. Please contact our office (610.519.4076) if you have any questions.

Applications Requirements:

  • Complete the application form.
  • Be available for an interview with the VIEW staff.  Once the application is received, applicants will receive a letter with interview information.