Learning Communities for Commuters

Students on a field trip

Leadership for Commuters

Students in the Leadership Learning Community for Commuters, not only share a common class experience in Augustine and Culture Villanova Seminar (ACS), but also take a one-credit Leadership class that meets about once a week with students from your ACS class.  The Leadership class is structured like a workshop and includes short reading and writing assignments and experiential group projects. Students discuss and explore effective leadership styles and skills that will contribute to the student's development and growth in and out of the classroom. The class meets from late August through early March. 

Students in our commuter leadership community form connections and often close friendships with students who share an interest in exploring ideas and life skills together, while navigating the challenge of commuting to college. Students learn together and form a community through their shared coursework complemented by co-curricular programs.

What Is This Community About?

The Leadership Learning Community for commuting students offers first year students who commute to college the opportunity to:

  • form a close community inside and outside of the classroom that will survive well past your first year of college
  • explore a topic that is of common interest to you
  • gain valuable tools that help you connect to Villanova, whether through leadership opportunities or through involvement on campus
  • connect to faculty in Augustine and Culture Seminar and in Leadership who will nurture and guide you through your first year and beyond