Bocce is a game of skill and strategy.  The object is for one team to get as many of their balls (boccia) closer to the pallina (the smallest ball) than the opposing team's closest ball.  There maybe be anywhere from two to four to eight players on a team.  Each player must take turns rolling (lagging) the ball towards the pallina ball, which has already been thrown onto the field.  The players are given points for the balls rolled closest to the pallina ball.  Players may also throw on the fly (volo), striking the ball to move the point ball.  Balls, including the pallina, may also be displaced by the balls of other players.
—Special Olympics International National Governing Body

bocce balls

Chairperson: Danica Breton
Assistant: Marc DiMaio
Sports Director: Deb Andrews
Location: Butler Annex, Villanova University


Traditional Doubles (two per team)


We will be having a rolling awards ceremony in the Pavilion as each Division is completed. They will begin at 2:00 pm.


Bocce balls, object ball, and measuring tape will be provided for the athletes. Please bring your own practice balls.


Athletes should come to the venue ready for competition. The court surface used for competition is that of an indoor basketball court.  It will be covered by artificial turf.  The side and backboards are made of PVC piping.  There will be a medical table at the venue, and restrooms in Jake Nevin Field House will be accessible.

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