Student Development Past Award Winners

Student Leader of the Year (Female)
Victoria Vuong- NROTC (2011-2012)
Kim Morris (2010-2011)

Advisor of the Year
Michael Knickerbocker- NROTC (2011-2012)
Joan Capolupo- Organization of Human Services (2010-2011)

Best Co-Programmed Event of the Year
Disabilities Panel- Special Olympics, Best Buddies, LEVEL (2011-2012)
Acapellapalooza- Music Activities Singing Groups (2010-2011)

Favorite Organization Receiving 
National Attention

Student Nursing Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP) (2010-2011)

Best New Club
LEVEL (2011-2012)

Student Leader of the Year (Male)
Ronald Dukes- Multicultural Business Association (2011-2012)
Kenny Tsang- Breakdance Club (2010-2011)

Best Event of the Year
Diwali by S.A.M.O.S.A. (2010-2011)

Best Philanthropy of the Year
MLK Day of Service- Black Culture Society (2011-2012)
Coaches vs. Cancer by The Basketball Club (2010-2011)

Best Finances of the Year
Astronomy Society (2011-2012)
Equity Society (2010-2011)

Most Creative Event (Sponsored by ICE)
Pumpkin Drop- Engineering Student Council (2011-2012)